About PortableTrac / 关于 PortableTrac

Summary / 简介

PortableTrac is the redistribution of Trac Server, focused on the Plugins Ready and Out of the Box Deployment.

  1. Portable - Just download-and-uncompress.
  2. Easy to use - the pre-configuration includes many helpful plugins and functions, and software-intergration such as apache httpd and others.
  3. Default include the Chinese content;

PortableTrac is current based on python 2.7(win32), so the Windows platform(x86 and x64) is just the only platform to support.

PortableTrac is hosted on Github: , including the python runtime / python eggs / configuration / other software and scripts. 经过整理后打包发布、"开箱即用"的Trac服务器发行版, 其重点在于:

  1. Portable - 解压后即可使用;
  2. 经过简单的预配置, 包含大量实际使用中必需的 功能插件, 以及 apache httpd 必要的相关软件;
  3. 默认已设置为中文版本;

最新版本的 PortableTrac 集成了官方版本Python2.7.4(早期集成的是 PortablePython), 目前只能在 Windows 上使用;

PortableTrac 的所有代码(主要是 python 运行环境、python egg、配置文件、相关程序和脚本)托管在 .

Why PortableTrac / 为什么要创建 PortableTrac

For own use, this website ( ) is based the newest version of PortableTrac.

主要是为了自己使用方便, 比如这个站点( )就是基于 PortableTrac 的当前版本建立的.

The next / 下一步

To install and try PortableTrac, please see the installation and manual.

请参考 安装 and 用户手册 页面,安装并测试 PortableTrac.

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